Trovada tallas grandes

Your fashion manufacturer for women in sizes XXL

We designed clothes for women from size 42 to 62

We can define ourselves as more than a company that manufactures large sizes. There are very strong values behind the design and manufacturing process and that pushes us to get up every morning.

Autumn Winter Collection

Proveedor de tallas grandes para mujer, abrigos



Collection of coats and jackets in large sizes for women for the new season.



Elegant dresses that stand out above any complement.



If there is a basic par excellence in women’s clothing, that is the t-shirt for women.



We have designed various types of jackets, sport jackets and dress jackets.



New collection of long skirts in Trovada for women of large sizes.



Trovada trousers for women’s trousers collection is a basic in large sizes.



If there is a women’s clothing reference for a woman, that is the blouse.



Trovada presents the Women’s Set Collection for large sizes.

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I went to high school with a set that I bought in Trovada woman, I could not resist. Well, it has been a success, my youngest students have fallen in love with the outfit. Thank you very much for making clothes that make me feel comfortable, happy and alive!

Josefina Albert / Valencia

I love it!!! I ´m Sure to all the Trovadoras women too !!!

Tere Casado / Valencia

Beauty is on the inside, but it shows on the outside. No matter the years, nor the kilos, it matters the harmony, the care for the appearance, the joy of living and the love that we manage to give and to wake up. Good for Trovada that helps us in the task and feel us beautiful.

Carmen /

We make in Valencia

Factory, design and making in Valencia

Servicio de arreglo y sustitución


Factory Adress

C/ Fray Luis Amigo, 51 46180

Benaguacil (Valencia) ESPAÑA

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